Tranparent, Hourly Rate
Pay only for the Time you Use



Medical Care Pricing

For office visits, our rate is $300/hour.

For House Calls, our Urgent Care rate is $395 for a one hour appointment within 20 minutes of Asheville city limits. Most visits can be completed within an hour. If you require additional time, we charge an hourly rate of $300/hour, billed in half hour increments. This may include time spent interacting with pharmacies, other physicians and medical facilities as indicated. If you live outside of Asheville, you may be charged an additional travel fee, depending on distance. If so, this will be discussed with you during your initial phone contact.

If your treatment will require use of higher cost disposable equipment or tests, you may be charged the at-cost replacement fee for these items. Routine disposable equipment and supplies are provided at no cost. We will provide an estimate of all costs during our initial phone conversation. Your credit card will not be charged until the visit is completed.

Phone and videoconferencing consults are available for prescription refills or other routine needs, if we determine this is medically appropriate. These are billed in 15 minute increments at a $300/hour rate, for a typical rate of $75 for a 15-minute call.