In-Home Detox treatment for substance dependence.



Concierge Detox House Calls

We offer medically supervised detox from opioids, sedatives, alcohol, or other substances in the privacy of your home. Our program is offered as an alternative for individuals considering hospital or residential treatment who prefer to stay in their home, for those who prefer a step up from traditional outpatient detox care, or for whom privacy is paramount. If you are struggling with substance dependence or unable to reduce your pain medication or anxiety medication on your own, we can help.


Why Choose This Level of Care?

Experience has shown that our method of detox treatment is more effective. Four out of five people who have completed treatment with Concierge House Calls have been able to successfully stay off the detoxed substance at one year follow up, a much higher success rate than typical treatment outcomes.

Why the House Call Model Works:


We spend time a lot of time with you and evaluate you in your home, with your family.


We get to know you as a unique individual and are able to emphasize the aspects of treatment that are most critical to your success. What are potential hurdles for you, or factors influencing your quality of life and ability to cope? For some, these are emotional barriers or trauma. For some, these are patterns in relationships. For many, these include physical health problems or pain. For many, depression or anxiety symptoms are factors. Each person’s story is unique. What are your values? Your personality style? What is meaningful for you? We believe we cannot heal the whole person without asking these questions together.


Care is only provided by specialists with the highest level of training. You will see a board certified Psychiatrist who is experienced in outpatient detox treatment, mental health assessment and treatment, and psychotherapy. You will be monitored by a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician trained in medical detox and Addiction Medicine. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, when included, is provided only by trained specialists with outstanding reputations in their field and specialty training in supporting individuals through the detox process. We will also attempt to match you with a therapist with specialty training in other symptom areas you may be struggling with, such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or trauma.

Our Individualized Detox Treatment Includes:

  • Medically monitored detox through physician house calls, with access to cutting edge medication assistance.
  • Mental Health treatment for co-occurring psychiatric symptoms by a board certified Psychiatrist.
  • Therapy and coaching support in your home from specialists in evidence-based addiction treatment.
  • Nutritional support when indicated.
  • Family counseling.
  • 24-hour phone support with an on-call physician.